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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

REM3 (Hand-Held 2-Way Remote Keypad - User Manual)


The REM3 is a stylish wireless hand-held 2-way remote keypad. The REM3 provides independent arming / disarming in any mode
(arm, sleep, stay, or off) for two partition. It also displays the system status for both partitions with visual and audible feedback via its
two independent row of lights. Furthermore, the REM3 can display your arm status, whether you are close to home or away.

1. How to add a remote to your system - see reverse
2. How to unlock the remote - see below
3. How to view system status - see below
4. How to arm / disarm your system using arm keys - see below
5. Understanding your remote control’s feedback - see below and Remote Control Feedback on reverse
6. How to toggle PGMs (programmable outputs, such as a garage door) using PGM Keys - see below
7. How to trigger panic alarms using Combo Keys - see below
8. How to replace the battery - see reverse

Unlocking the Remote
  • To prevent the keys from being accidentally pressed, the remote is locked when not in use. Press & hold the Information Key [i] for one second to unlock your remote.
  • The remote will lock again after five seconds of inactivity.
  • Unlock the remote to perform any action.
Viewing Current System Status
  1. (Must be in range of your system) Press & hold the Information Key [i] for one second.
  2. Press & hold the Information Key [i] again for one second to see the current system status.
Viewing Last System Status
1. (Can be out of range of your system) Press & hold the Information Key [i] for one second.
2. The remote will then display the last system status saved by the remote.

Remote Control Feedback
The Information light displays feedback of both your system and your remote’s status. See the Remote Control Feedback table on reverse.

Arming/Disarming Your System
  1. Press & hold the Information Key [i] to unlock the remote.
  2. Press the [ARM], [SLP], [STAY] or [OFF] key for partition 1 and/or partition 2 until the
  3. beep.
  4. Enter your user code on the remote. The system is armed / disarmed.
Note: See the Remote Control Feedback table on reverse for a description of the visual and audible feedback when arming / disarming your system.

Arming/Disarming Your System Using One-Touch
  1. Press & hold the Information Key [i] to unlock the remote.
  2. Press the [ARM], [SLP], [STAY], or [OFF] key for partition 1 and/or partition 2 until the second beep. The system is armed / disarmed.
Note: One-touch arming/disarming must be set by your installer.

Using the PGM Keys
  1. Press & hold the Information Key [i] to unlock the remote.
  2. Press and hold the desired PGM key (1 to 6) for three seconds to trigger the programmed action.
  3. Enter your user code on the remote.
Note: PGM keys can be programmed so that there is no need to enter your user code. Simply unlock the remote and press and hold (3 sec.) the desired PGM key. Consult your installer for more information.

Using the Combo Keys
  1. Press & hold the Information Key [i] to unlock the remote.
  2. Press and hold both keys simultaneously.
Note: Combo keys are used to trigger an action (e.g., alert the fire department & other panic alarms) without unlocking the remote or entering a user code. Combo keys must be set by your installer.

Friday, April 10, 2009

DIGIPLEX – Flexible security for your home or business

Digiplex security systems offer you the flexibility to protect your home and the power to protect your business, as well as access control and a unique keypad to provide you with a complete security system solution.

Whenever you’re ready to renovate your home or office, your security system is easily expandable and ready to meet your growing needs.
Add keypads, wireless technology, home automation and access control to your existing system. Choose from door and window sensors that detect intrusion, motion detectors that sense movement outside and inside and reliable smoke detectors.
You can add modules to your system so that you can arm and disarm your system by phone and print out reports of your system activities. Depending on the Digiplex model you choose, protect up to 48 or 96 zones and have up to 96 or 999 users.
Let your business grow, or renovate your home. Digiplex is expandable and flexible enough to meet your growing needs.

Access Control
Control the passage of people through secured areas, manage and monitor who has access, and decide where and when access can be granted on up to 32 doors.
Access control is a simple, cost-efficient way of adding extra security to your home or office. Present a card to unlock your door and disarm your system without ever needing a key.

Wireless Technology
With wireless convenience, you can turn your lights on and off or open and close your garage door without ever setting foot out of your car.
Use remote controls to unlock doors, to arm and disarm your system or to send an immediate distress signal.

Automated Security
Digiplex offers you plenty of ways to automate your security. Automatically arm your system every day at the same time or have Digiplex arm itself if you forget. Have your system page you if no movement is detected within a certain time frame or as soon as someone enters your premises.
Set your keypad to chime a sound that advises you when someone enters or exits an area. At home, be notified when your child opens your front door. At work, don’t let your customers wait, greet them as soon as
they come in.
Have your lights turn on randomly to make it seem you’re always at home. Start your air conditioner as you leave the office or trigger your sprinkler system to start at a scheduled time.

User Friendly
When time is of the essence, don’t lose a second entering complicated codes. Just push a button to activate an
immediate call for emergency help.
With Digiplex you don’t have to feel anxious around your system. With 8 one-touch keys that perform your everyday functions like arming, disarming and viewing your system’s events, security has never been so simple.
NEware Software
Don’t fiddle with keypads. Supervise your system right from your personal computer. Add users, draw floor plans for your Grafica keypad, monitor your system’s activities or generate reports for your review. NEware is specifically designed to give you point-and-click control over your system.

The Grafica LCD keypad offers more than just great looks. Grafica has personalized floor plans that represent your business or home with drawings and tell you the status and location of your zones.
Grafica has menus, step-by-step instructions and immediate system feedback to make navigating your system easy. You can play tunes, set special events and display your logo on the main screen to personalize your security system.

Multiple Systems in One
Digiplex can protect independent areas at the same time so you don’t have to purchase separate systems to protect separate areas. Keep your house armed while you are working in your unarmed garage. Secure your offices while your night shift staff is in production.

For security that is simple, powerful and flexible, Digiplex is the right system for your home or business. Include access control for additional security, benefit from convenient wireless technology and automate your security for increased ease of use. Digiplex is today’s security solution.